Alex’s* Story

When I was first introduced to the YES Project, I wasn’t as independent as I am now. Although there’s still a way to go, it’s really helped with my confidence and my motivation too.

I was involved with Soft Touch Arts initially, but I was living alone and quite isolated, struggling with mental health… My engagement dipped and that’s when the YES Project really started to help me.

My Support Worker helped me put a lot of things in place, like being referred to Let’s Talk Wellbeing and CBT. They even supported me in getting letters I needed from my Doctor for my Universal Credit.

His Support Worker added:

At first, it was really about identifying the biggest barriers for Alex and addressing them head on. Alex struggled with routine and so we helped him a lot with his schedule. Before, nights became days and days became nights… which didn’t help his motivation at all.

He’s very creative and wants to draw, but that lack of motivation sometimes stopped him… So, we factored that into his routine and continued to support him to improve his mental health and confidence.

I’m working with lots of different agencies now, like Leicestershire Cares and the Prince’s Trust, and doing Zoom sessions. I’ve been enhancing my employability; building a CV, learning about job applications and doing mock interviews.

The mental health support has been the most beneficial to me. It’s allowed me to be more independent, confident and get involved with more sessions.

Before, I felt like ‘whatever happens, happens’… It felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. Now, I have goals set and I can think about the long-term as well as the short-term. I’m looking towards employment and education opportunities now, which I never thought I’d be able to manage before.

*Pseudonym used.