Andrew gains happiness through YES Project support

Before joining the YES Project, Andrew, aged 23, was unemployed and unhappy.

Before joining the YES Project, Andrew, aged 24, was unemployed and unhappy. He said,

“I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I was honestly a little bit depressed”

Feeling like he needed support and wanting to find new opportunities, Andrew found out about the YES Project through In Training.

By taking part in Get Into Retail, YES Media, and Soft Touch Arts, Andrew has gained skills and experience in a wide range of areas. These have included learning how to make short videos, taking part in art projects and gaining work experience. He also regularly meets with a mentor for guidance with job searches and applications.

In addition, Andrew has become a member of the Youth Leadership Group (YLG) for the YES Project. This has given him the opportunity to have his voice heard in shaping the project and provided him with leadership experience and a network of friends.

Andrew says,

“The YLG has helped me by keeping me busy and being part of a chain of situations that has since led to a paid part time job”

For Andrew, the Yes Project came along at the right time. He said,

“It’s made me feel a lot happier, made me feel determined and helped with my confidence. I think I’ve come a long way. I’m proud of the video CV I created with Seed and I have been working on a short film with Soft Touch Arts.”

Andrew’s newfound determination has shaped his future plans; he would like to get a full-time job and is applying to study Japanese at University. His dream job is to be a film director.

For any young person thinking of joining the YES Project, Andrew advises:

“Do it. It’s a great boost to get you closer to what you want to do. You will make new friends and most of all, it will make you happy.”

In December 2017 Andrew was a finalist in the YES Young Person of the Year Awards where 10 young people received awards for overcoming obstacles to work. Read more about the awards.

This article written by Siân Hewitt Youth Leadership Group

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