Reuben’s Story

He left University and lived in Yorkshire, but after losing his job and a relationship breakdown, Reuben moved back home with his parents in Leicester.

Struggling with his mental health, Reuben would spend most of his time at home unsure of the next step. It was hard for Reuben after being independent for a long time but he didn’t feel ready for work so needed something to bridge gap and build his confidence.

Reuben heard about the Prince’s Trust YES Team Programme but while waiting for a new programme to start, he side stepped onto YES Media through Seed. With the support of his key worker and YES Media leaders; Reuben grew in confidence often taking a leadership role within the group.

Selfie of Reuben smiling

Reuben reflects on the YES Media course:

“Media wasn’t something I’d considered before, I’d done it at GCSE and had a vague interest. This course was a good fit to help me get back to where I wanted to be. It helped me re-establish a routine and being in a social setting again. It gave me a feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment.”

While at the YES Project, Reuben attended the LGBT centre Leicester and volunteered at the youth group. After leaving the YES Project he got more involved with volunteering at the centre and secured a job managing the Youth Trans Project.

When this project came to an end, Reuben was offered a job as Community Project Officer comprising of the Adult Trans Project and Youth Service. Reuben offers support and guidance, attends school assemblies and delivers training and workshops. Since taking on this role Reuben has also worked with the YES Project to offer awareness training to staff and provided one-to-one support to other participants.

Looking to inspire others to join the YES Project, Reuben said:

“Do it! The YES Project helped me open the doors and reach my potential. The skills, tools and confidence were there but it would have taken a lot longer without the YES Project.” It’s not just myself, while on YES I saw growth in other young people too.”

Daniel’s Story

Before joining the YES Project, Daniel was at home everyday wandering where life would go. Daniel realised he needed to improve his confidence, motivation and self-worth to move forward.

Daniel reflects on how he felt before joining the YES Project, he said:

“I acknowledged that I had a lot of room to grow and I wanted to get a feeling of meaning back in to my life.”

Daniel accessed support from several delivery partners; YES Media with Seed, Warwickshire College Team Programme, World of Work Tour with Leicestershire Cares and The Bridge East Midlands.

This combination of support and programme access made Daniel more confident to leave the house and feel independent. He started to develop a routine, preventing him from falling in to a familiar slump. Daniel found the one-to-one support he received invaluable from the delivery partners he accessed and his YES key worker.

Daniel comments:

“My keyworker provided continual support that stopped me from giving up hope. In turn, I didn’t want to let her down as we’d built up a lot of trust.”

Daniel is now completing his Level 2 Maths qualification and plans to start a Further Education course in media with the goal of obtaining employment within the creative industry.

Summing up his time on the YES Project and how much he’s grown, Daniel said:

“I’ve always had a strong disbelief in myself and it’s been amazing to hear time and time again that I’m continuing to improve. I found that being in a supportive environment has helped me to retain information and face my fears.”