Case Studies | The Bridge

We've got a collection of case studies from our delivery partner, The Bridge, and you can read them here.

We regularly like to catch up with our delivery partners to hear about what they’ve been up to and the participants they’ve supported. Here you’ll find success stories from participants that have been supported by The Bridge.

The Bridge provides a variety of specialist support to our participants and their role within the project is vital. You can find out more about The Bridge here.

All case studies have been written and provided by The Bridge, and all names have been changed to protect the participant’s identities.


Before, I felt like ‘whatever happens, happens’… It felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. Now, I have goals set and I can think about the long-term as well as the short-term. I’m looking towards employment and education opportunities now, which I never thought I’d be able to manage before.
It’s actually been going better than I expected it to.
I have goals that we’re working towards now and I feel better about the future. I’d love to go into Animal Care, so we are looking at volunteering and opportunities for me to get experience, which will be great.