Dear Employer, a film voicing the views of local unemployed young people

It’s the age-old paradigm of you need a job to get experience; you need experience to get a job.

Back in October one of the Yes Project groups, with the help of Seed Creativity, kindly created a short video on how they feel about the youth unemployment market and the future for young people in unemployment.

The team were given a set of five questions ranging from ‘What barriers do you face when looking for employment?’ to ‘How do you feel about your immediate future?’.

Afterwards, they were asked to write down answers to some questions that had most relevance to them.

The exercise helped them recognise and become more self aware of what skills and barriers they faced and think further in-depth about how they feel about their future.

Mason expressed how the Yes Project and Seed helped give structure to his day-to-day schedule while looking for employment

‘If it wasn’t for the job interview or the courses I get on at Seed, I probably wouldn’t get out too much… and its weird when you don’t see people for a length of time. It warps your perception of time. And it’s a peculiar place to be in.’

Andrew suggested that:

‘Being unemployed means I have to follow guidelines by the Jobcentre, and I have to really look at things that they want me to do rather than what I want to do and what I’d be best at.’

Another person commented how Seed and the YES project would help in their future:

‘I feel positive about the future. I’ve got some media related things set-up. And with this Seed Creative giving me examples and experiences that I can use for these upcoming things to really try and shine.’

The course was hailed a great success as three of the participants found paid work or experience within the next month, and the others continued on to YES Team Programme to further their development.

About The YES Project

The YES project runs programmes to help young people move into employment. The programmes, taught by selective delivery partners, aims to help learners with employability skills in a fun, practical environment. Learners get the chance to:

  • Build confidence in task based-environments
  • Experience how fast paced reputable companies operate
  • Gain opportunities to take up leadership roles
  • Learn how to engage and reach employers
  • Learn how to digital and online methods to reach employers
  • Have individual needs assessed to develop employability plans

Visit YES Facebook page to find out about courses.

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