Hayley’s YES Project journey to employment

In just over a year Hayley has transformed her life with support from the YES Project.

Before joining the YES, Project Hayley (aged 22), spent her time sitting indoors. She barely had any interaction with anyone beside her immediate family and she felt her confidence decreasing by the day.

In January 2017, Hayley decided to join the YES Project in the hope it would help her to gain confidence and get a job.

She signed up to do YES Team’s 12-week programme ran by the Princes Trust. During her time on the programme she went on a residential, took part in team building activities such as abseiling and raft building, fundraised, did community work and presented her experience to an audience in the final presentation.

Hayley continued her YES Project journey in April 2017 by enrolling on the Get into Hospitals 4-week course where she gained work experience at Leicester Hospitals.

As Hayley’s confidence and self-belief grew she got involved with more YES Project opportunities, such as a company tour at Ford and Slater. She also became a member of the youth leadership group.

A year after starting her YES Project journey Hayley enrolled on Yes Media 9-week programme, which she describes as an amazing course even though she had minimal knowledge or interest in media. Hayley said of her experience:

“Not only is Yes Media amazing for meeting new people, building social skills and developing your own personal skills, but it is a brilliant way to incorporate structure and routine into your life. It increases your confidence and helps you work up the courage to step out of your comfort zone. I can truly say that Yes Media is 100% the way forward for any struggling, stuck or unconfident young person.”

In May 2018, all of Hayley’s hard work, commitment and preparation paid off. She was offered an Business Administrator apprenticeship after a successful application and interview process.

Hayley is now looking forward to the future where she plans to become more independent, save up to move out of her family home and build a career.

Summarising her YES Project journey, Hayley said:

“Honestly, looking back from how I was starting the first day of YES Team programme to now, I can hardly recognise myself. I am so much more active, sociable, finally have a job, confident in my own mind and I stick up for myself. The YES Project has helped me accept who I am as a person and strive to achieve more things in my life.”

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