Khadijah’s* Story

Before joining the YES Project, Khadijah* was starting to feel like her mental health was suffering; she felt isolated, frustrated and bored.

Before joining the YES Project, Khadijah* was starting to feel like her mental health was suffering; she felt isolated, frustrated and bored. The effects of COVID-19, as well as national and local lockdowns, had taken its toll on her and she was struggling to find work. She was waiting to hear back from her university about the results of her degree, adding to her anxieties.

Khadijah wanted to spend some time working on her own personal development, despite what was going on around her. She was put in touch with Fatima from Highfields Community Association (HCA), a YES Project delivery partner. Fatima began supporting Khadijah, and together, they began working on her confidence and job searching skills. Fatima explained the YES Project to Khadijah, specifically the type of skills she could learn on the YES Media course, as well as the other support available to her as a participant on the YES Project. Khadijah wanted to learn more about social media and the creative industry, so thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity.

Khadijah was given the opportunity to learn script writing, acting and other video production skills as she worked towards creating a short murder mystery film as part of a team**. Khadijah feels that participating in the YES Media Project, and collaborating in a team, has given her the opportunity to meet new people and boost her confidence.

“It has helped me to overcome my anxiety, especially when it comes to meeting new people. It has helped me to boost my confidence and be more engaged with the group. I am also able to work with more confidence using my own initiative, especially when I feel like something needs improving or changing.”

Khadijah credits her improved confidence and new skills to her time with the YES Project and HCA. She is now working towards her next goal; finding a career path specific to her interests.

When asked what she’d say to others considering joining the project, Khadijah said:

“Just do it because it’s an awesome experience. You can enhance your skills and boost your confidence – an issue I had a problem with. At first it may be daunting, but the staff and the people you will meet are really engaging and lovely! You may also discover new skills which you didn’t have and this will look especially good on CV’s when applying for jobs. It can definitely give you a fresher insight into what you may want to look out for in the future.”

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the participant.

** All activities undertaken by participants on the YES Project are done so in accordance to Government guidance. Care is taken to ensure that all environments are COVID-19 secure and any small group training sessions are delivered with a decreased maximum capacity to ensure all social distancing guidelines can be adhered too.

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