Lottie’s* Story

Before joining YES, Lottie was a young carer for her brothers, NEET and 19. She was referred to the YES project by her brother’s Early Help Worker.

Lottie wanted to start college but she lacked self-confidence and had anxiety. She also needed support to apply for Universal Credit and the housing register. Lottie also wanted a part time job to fit in and around college but lacked in interview skills and her C.V needed updating.

Lottie knew what she wanted to achieve but needed support to achieve her outcomes from her support worker at YES. Lock-down had made it harder to access face to face support, so The Bridge supported her over the phone and through Zoom video calls.

With support from The YES Project, Lottie was able to:

  • Access online confidence building sessions
  • Support to apply for Universal credit
  • Support to apply online to the housing register so she could have her own independence
  • Access a Health and Social Care course to support her with her future career goal as a paramedic
  • Build her C.V and applying for jobs
  • Support with interview skills over video and face to face
  • Access through College website to apply for well-being support

YES saw Lottie’s confidence and maturity blossom as we worked with her and she was very grateful for our support. She is now at college and enjoying her course, whilst also applying for jobs to fit in around her hours in the care sector. Lottie hopes to eventually move from the family home and have her own space to concentrate on her future aspirations.

*Pseudonym used.