Lynette’s Story

Lynette, a 24 year old young adult, was unemployed at the time of joining the YES Project, and had goals she wanted to achieve. Lynette felt that to achieve those goals, she needed some support to help her find employment.

Lynette found out about the YES Project directly through one of the project’s delivery partners, The Prince’s Trust. One of the programmes that was available to Lynette when she was a participant on the YES Project was The Prince’s Trust Team programme. The Team programme was an opportunity for participants to take part in a broad range of activities over a 12-week period, including a residential trip, two weeks work experience and the chance to develop her English and math’s skills.

Lynette also accessed the ‘Get Stuff Done’ drop in sessions, hosted by YES Project delivery partner, Leicestershire Cares. These sessions are ideal for participants who want to meet new like-minded people in a relaxed setting, whilst giving them the opportunity to work on things they need to do, with the support of talented on-site staff.

A crucial part to Lynette’s growth whilst on the project was the one-to-one support she received from Faye, her Keyworker. On the YES Project, each participant has a dedicated Keyworker that helps and supports them through their entire time on the project. The Keyworker plays a pivotal role in the participant’s journey, as they help guide them through the project and offer crucial one-to-one support. In Lynette’s case, she felt that this type of support was an integral part of her development.

Lynette credits her new found increase in confidence and skills with job searching to her time on the project, and was soon attending multiple job interviews. Lynette successfully completed her time on the project and found work placements in two different cafes.

Speaking of her time on the project, Lynette said:

“Being on the YES Project has helped me update my CV and helped me gain the skills I need for job searching. I have started two café work placements and have made new friends from being a participant.”

Faye, Lynette’s Keyworker said:

“Working with Lynette was a pleasure. I’m glad she found the support beneficial and I’m exceptionally happy she not only made friends, but found work placements too.” 

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