Nick’s Story

Nick joined the YES project in February 2020 to improve his confidence and find support with attending job interviews.

Nick wanted support so he could improve his confidence about attending job interviews so that he can feel more comfortable and prepared going into them. He also wanted help working towards a job or course in game development or film production but was also open to the idea of other careers.

Nick was keen to participate in a mock video interview with one of Leicestershire Cares business members via zoom. A time and date for the interview was agreed and Nick received an interview pack to help him prepare. The interview lasted around 20 minutes and included a mix of questions including competency based. The feedback from both Nick and the business volunteer was very positive with both looking forward to another interview. Nick’s confidence was boosted because of this positive interview and Leicestershire Cares are looking to repeat this activity again but tailoring the interview to Nick`s career of interest. Nick actively engages with LC activities to increase his skills and learn about new opportunities that are available to him. Since joining he has attended career talks with business volunteers and has also attended virtual tours including Leicester City Football Club and Loughborough University.

In July 2020, Nick participated in a young people`s consultation session with staff from The Public Health Team at Leicester City Council and the Behavioural Insights Team from the Cabinet Office. The aim of the session was to discuss how the pandemic has affected them and their community to inform the councils Covid-19 response and strategy. This was a great opportunity for Nick to have his say in local policy and engage with senior stakeholders. He shared and discussed how the pandemic has impacted him, his family and community as well as discussed how safe he felt in respect of the pandemic and what he thought about the messaging and information around Covid -19. He also shared his concerns and thoughts around the pandemic and said that he was concerned about using public transport in the future. Nick was really engaged in this discussion and displayed confidence when talking to staff raising some very interesting points and feedback, which were well received by the council.

Nick is currently receiving 1:1 support to update his CV so that he can start applying for jobs and is also very keen to gain his English and Math qualifications. He is also excited to start the YES Media Programme to build on his experience in production. Leicestershire Cares and YES are looking forward to continuing to work with Nick and help him achieve his goals.

We’d like to thank our delivery partner Leicestershire Cares for writing and providing us with this great case study!

*We have changed the participants name to protect his identity.

Please note: the picture included in this story is a stock photo and not an accurate representation given COVID-19.

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