#SayYESto Meditation

How meditation helps our project administrator, Rhianne.

Hello everyone! My name is Rhianne and I work as Project Administrator for the YES Project. I have been with the team since October 2018 and I love being part of a project that does so much good for the people of Leicestershire.

As I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Depression, I love to unwind by meditating at least once a day – although sometimes I can go a week or so without!!

I love meditating using guided playlists which can be found in mobile apps such as Headspace or Insight Timer – both of these have various programmes which suits me as I enjoy variety with my meditation.

Usually I meditate lying down in bed with my headphones in, and sometimes I feel so relaxed, I end up going to sleep for a little while afterwards. Some of my favourite meditations are worry mantras, full body scans and deep healing playlists. All of these make me feel calm, grounded and very relaxed, so that I am more aware of myself and others on a daily basis.

I also find that meditating once a day gives my brain the space to float through thoughts without any judgement or intense focus, giving me an overview of how I am doing that day. I feel this makes it easier for me to communicate this to others and provides me with the best way to give myself self-care.

The best advice I can give to someone who wants to start meditating, but doesn’t know where to begin, is to not apply too much pressure and explore all different techniques until you find something that works. All our brains work in different ways so we will all have different methods of meditating.

If you find something that works for you, please do share it with us using #SayYESto!


Rhianne 🙂