#SayYESto Relaxing

How painting helps to relax our Project Administrator, Abeda.


My name is Abeda and I am the new Project Administrator for the YES Project. One of my favourite things to do is… guess? Yes relax! After working a busy day it’s important to unwind and just chill out in your own space.

I recently took up painting by numbers. It’s a canvas with a picture that you have to paint in by following the numbers on the picture. I absolutely love this! It’s completely relaxing and you can get lost in it, I feel like I only just started painting and realise a couple of hours later that I’ve been doing this for a while! The great thing about paint by numbers is that it gives you all the perks of doing something creative without any of the stress of actually trying to be artsy.

So give it a go – choose a picture- any picture and get painting! You get the paintbrushes with the picture so no excuses!

I usually do mine in my gorgeous candle lit room, put on my favourite playlist and away I go. Not only do I feel relaxed afterwards but I feel super proud of how much I’ve completed on the painting. It gives you a sense of achievement and excitement to see the finished painting.

There’s loads of options available and you can buy it online from most retailers!

Do share your progress with us if you decide to start painting by numbers! We would love to see your fantastic pictures! Just use #SayYESto and we’ll be sure to see it.

Happy painting!

Abeda 🙂