#SayYESto Revision

Tips and tricks on how to make revision that bit easier, from student ambassador, Fahima.

Hi everyone!

My name is Fahima and I am a Higher Education Ambassador for Pathways. I am a student in my final year studying an Undergraduate Degree in English at the University of Leicester.

Being a student, one of the most important aspects of my daily routine is revision. Now, when I talk about revision, I do not just mean revising for examinations, but I also mean in terms of life. There are many situations which may involve us to ‘revise’. For instance, if we have a job interview, or if we are trying to learn a recipe. The skill of memory that comes with revision is an essential skill that we can use for the rest of our lives and in all types of situations.

Based on my experiences of revising, I have made a list of tips and methods of revision that consider those of you that like having free time in the evenings to finally just relax and lay in bed, watching Netflix (like me!) along with those of you who may have other activities in your schedule, like workouts and cooking or doing chores.

Fahima’s top tips for REVISION:


Get yourself a planner, either a paper one or a digital one (or look up some really cool D.I.Y planner ideas on Pinterest/Google to have some fun at this step!). Having a planner will help you stay organised and have an outlook for what you are doing per day.



Fuel your mind with fruits and water to help you prep for that interview or learn those recipes!


Share your ideas with a friend, test your learning with a friend. A listening ear helps you understand yourself better along with giving you a chance to spend time with your friends. In this pandemic, we all need a bit of company. Share the ideas via Zoom and give yourself some well-earned company.


Remember to always take some time out for yourself. A break rests the mind.

Now the question is… how do I revise?


I use a whiteboard to quickly make mind maps and jot down anything that comes to mind that I have been learning. This helps me to quickly recap all the information I have learnt and need to know.


I use the internet to search for past paper questions, common interview questions, information about the company, a list of recipes etc. that may add to my learning.


A fun activity that I love doing is creating a wall filled with colourful post-it notes in my bedroom. On each note, I write a key word or idea, which I then test myself on as I wake up each morning as those notes are the first things I see. They are a great way to jog memory and give your mind that push it needs to start learning.


Something I love to do, when I am with friends and family on Zoom, is teach them something I have learnt recently. By teaching them, I am also teaching myself, and this also helps me build up on my communication skills whilst spending time with my loved ones.


Whilst I am studying and revising, I love to play some classical music in the background. This helps to calm me down before I start as I suffer from anxiety and really sets a wonderful atmosphere for learning. Music helps to lift the mood and is definitely something I recommend when revising.

So, these are all my tips and tricks for revision. Remember to take it a step at a time and you’ll find the method that works best for you. Always show yourself some care and love by taking those much-needed Netflix breaks. If you need a show recommendation during this pandemic, I would highly recommend the show Humans, where you get a Terminator-style world with AI that have a conscience.

If these tips have helped, be sure to use the #SayYesto on social media so we can see it! I would love to see how these tips help you with revision.

Until next time,

Fahima 🙂