#SayYESto Staying Motivated at Home

Tips and tricks on how to stay motivated at home, from student ambassador, Savera.

Ever had a day where work just slips through your fingers and you can see the day turn into evening all due to lack of attention and energy? I bet we’ve all been there where one more episode ends up being two or three. I hold my hand up and acknowledge how difficult it’s been. However, I couldn’t let this ruin my first year of university and came up with some small adjustments which made the biggest difference, and I’m here to share these with you!

Almost forgot to introduce myself! Hi everyone reading this – my name is Savera, I’m a first-year student at the University of Leicester studying applied psychology. Here are my top tips, and like me, you can #SayYESto staying motivated at home. I always like seeing the face behind the screen so here I am (full face and all!)

The first thing I definitely recommend is getting yourself some sort of diary or white board where you can plan your week. Getting your to do list on paper can help you get up and begin to complete your tasks. Once I’m done with my daily tasks, I feel a sense of accomplishment, especially as we can begin to feel like we aren’t doing anything, and at the same time I can keep track of what I need to complete and easily add anything I need to. A good place to begin is writing three things that you definitely want to achieve and tick off as you go.

Another thing I’ve implemented is daily walks! I wish I could explain how much getting 20 mins of fresh air every day has helped clear my mind and keep me focused. I’m currently a morning walker (she types feeling quite proud of herself) but I started off walking in the evenings after my day was coming to an end; I got used to walking and slowly implemented this walk into my morning routine. I can’t stress enough how any form of exercise can have such a positive effect on you!

Sometimes all you need is to feel a little normality… so sometimes I get up and get fully dressed despite staying home. I wake up shower, get dressed and do a full face of makeup! Yes, you heard me right. This helps me get into the mind frame that it’s time to work or get things done. It helps me concentrate and I end up completing my work to high standards!

Finding a new hobby! Seeing as everyone is majorly at home right now, developing a new hobby has really kept me busy and happy! I hated cooking and refused to step foot in the kitchen; however, after seeing some easy recipes online I now love making food and experimenting with different flavours. I love creating different menus for my family and serving. Cooking has really helped me turn my focus onto something that not only makes me happier but also increases my motivation every day to make or attempt something new.

Whilst all these tips and tricks have helped me become more motivated at home, I also acknowledge that some days are tougher than others and that is also totally acceptable. We are in the middle of a global pandemic!!! So, if one day you want to stay in bed or order a cheeky takeout, it’s completely acceptable. Don’t be so hard on yourself – we’re all killing it. Give my tips a go and hopefully you feel much more organised and might help that boost of energy you were missing.


Savera 🙂