#SayYESto Organising

How organising helps our Keyworker Lead Officer, Amy.

Morning everyone (good afternoon if you’re reading this in the pm). I’m Amy and I’m the Keyworker Lead Officer for the YES Project.

So, we are all on lockdown and getting our heads around the fact our world has become so much smaller as we are confined to our homes. We are all getting acquainted with living 24/7 with our family and staring at the same four walls can start to get us down.

I am sounding a bit like a mum here, but I promise these are great habits to get into now for later life! I’ve always been a bit of a tidier/organiser since I was in my early teens; I shared a room with my sister- my half was always very tidy and organised and across the other side, my sisters space was a total mess!

For me, I can’t enjoy a space if it’s messy and cluttered, and I find tidying and decluttering helps me relax. I think it’s more important than ever that we can relax in the little personal space that we have.

Firstly, it’s great to make sure whatever personal space you are occupying is a healthy one as you are going to be spending a lot more time in it – by clearing your surfaces you are able to keep them clean. Think of your room each morning as a hotel room and set it up so when you come back in, it looks tidy and fab – open your curtains and window, take all your dirty pots down and make your bed. Look up hotel bed making on YouTube – you can spend five minutes of mindfulness doing just that!

You can easily pass a couple of hours clearing out “dumping” drawers and cupboards – it’s amazing what lost and precious items you will find or stuff you don’t want that you can sell later on. Rearrange furniture or change things around on shelves to make it feel like a new room. Change over photos in frames or create new photo-boards.

From my days in libraries, I spent hours putting books and DVDs in order and always felt better for it – put them in genre, alphabet or colour order – whatever works for you! Books arranged in colour order cold to warm can make a bookshelf look amazing.

I am a self -confessed shopaholic and have way too many clothes and not enough space. Try separating your clothes to Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and packing away whatever you don’t need in a suitcase. You will have a much tidier clothes space and when you get those clothes out in later months it’s like having new stuff.

Finally, burn the calories! If you have a dog or cat, your carpet is going to be full of fur, dust and germs that are doing your health no good. Get hold of a window squeegee and brush it over your carpet – properly go for it – stick some music on and watch as a clone version of your pet unfolds before you – post your fur ball online – honestly they come up massive!

Anyway give it a go – I promise in the least you will have passed a few hours and have a tidy space 🙂

Remember to share your results with us using #SayYESto!

Amy 🙂