#SayYESto Working Out

How working out helps one of our Keyworkers, Faye.


My name is Faye and I’m a Keyworker for the YES Project. I’ve been with the project since April 2018.  I work directly with young people and support them through their time on the YES Project.

I love being active and doing things!  This helps me unwind, de-stress and gets the feel good hormones going. I play a team sport called Roller Derby. We have a 2-week training cycle: Week one = 2 practices a week, Week 2 = 3 practices a week.  As well as that, I also cycle to work 4 times a week (as long as it’s not raining :)).  I top this up by doing two online dance HIIT workouts a week.

As we’re in lockdown for the foreseeable future, my activity levels have taken a serious nose dive.  However, I have been making the most of the online dance workouts and have been doing them every other day. Popsugar Fitness is one I really like. I love her positivity and energy, and the fact that it’s free is a big bonus!!

I am using my stationary bike every other day to do a HIIT workout too.  The bonus of doing this is that I can still watch TV J  I also make sure that I go for at least half an hours walk every day.

So, although I am not able to play the sport I love I am still trying to keep active within the confines of being at home.

If you are missing your usual sporting activities, then give some online dance workouts a go!! You never know till you try? Who knows, you might find that you have found your ‘thing’ – good luck 🙂