Now more than ever, it's important to immerse yourself in activities that can help you unwind, relax and find some form of calm. Sometimes knowing what to do can be difficult, which is exactly why we asked members of our team to share what they do to find some inner peace.

Introducing #SayYESto…

#SayYESto Bullet Journaling

How bullet journaling helps our Communications Officer, Georgia.

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#SayYESto Relaxing

How painting helps to relax our Project Administrator, Abeda.

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#SayYESto Organising

How organising helps our Keyworker Lead Officer, Amy.

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#SayYESto Cooking

How cooking helps our Delivery Coordinator, Krishna.

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#SayYESto Martial Arts

How martial arts helps our Team Manager, Harks.

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#SayYESto Podcasts

How podcasts helps Danielle, an executive at one of our Delivery Partners.

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#SayYESto Working Out

How working out helps one of our Keyworkers, Faye.

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#SayYESto the Great British September Clean

It's the Great British September Clean and whilst the aim of this cause is to reduce litter, end waste and educate others, we also want to acknowledge the benefits that having a clean home and environment can bring.

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