Sharon’s Story

Before joining the YES Project, Sharon felt lost with what she wanted to do with her life and spent most of her time at home. She and her family had not long moved to the UK from Nigeria, and she didn’t know what was available to her.

After doing some research, Sharon came across Leicester College and decided to make an appointment to talk about the different courses that were available to her. It was here that she first heard about the YES Project.

“I wanted to keep myself busy and learn new skills. I wanted experiences that would help get me used to the UK ‘way of life’. I also wanted the opportunity of getting to know people and make friends.”

Knowing that she wanted the best for herself, Sharon decided to join the YES Project. She felt it was the best way for her to get the support she needed to be able to learn new skills, meet new people and adapt to living in the UK.

Whilst on the YES Project, Sharon accessed different support services, including working with a dedicated keyworker. Sharon’s journey started when she enrolled on the YES Media programme; this gave her the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of skills in multi-media production. This lead Sharon onto completing the Arts Award available with delivery partner, Soft Touch Arts. Sharon also took part in the YES Team programme, which was an exciting opportunity for participants to take part in a residential activity, with plenty of team building exercises.

Over her time with the YES Project, Sharon has not only grown as an individual, but she has learnt new skills and experienced tremendous personal development. She credits her new found confidence to the fact she was able to talk to new people and make friends. One of the biggest changes for Sharon however, was how much easier she was able to adapt to life in the UK.

With the support of the YES Project, Sharon went on to apply for courses at a local college and successfully enrolled in a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Looking ahead, Sharon is keen to continue working towards her dream of becoming a nurse.

Speaking of her time on the project, Sharon said:

“I am now much more confident in knowing what I want and being able to follow my dreams. I have found that fitting into UK lifestyle has been easy for me. If you were thinking of joining the project, I’d tell you to go for it! Go with what you want, plan ahead of yourself, have fun and live your dreams.”

Please note: the picture included in this story was taken in January 2020, prior to COVID-19.

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