Simran’s Story

Before joining the YES Project, Simran had just finished college but felt she wanted to invest more time into developing her confidence and employability skills. With the support of her mum, she came across the YES Project and went on to start at university.

Before joining the YES Project, Simran had just finished college and felt she wanted to invest more time into developing her skills. Simran spoke with her mum and together, they began looking for services that were available in Leicester. They came across the YES Project and as Simran felt it could be the right project to help her, she got in touch.

Simran joined the YES Project because she wanted to receive support with looking for, and applying to, apprenticeships. She also wanted to gain skills that would benefit other areas of her life too, like building her confidence and developing her employability skills.

Simran worked with a lot of the YES Project’s different delivery partners to get the most out of her experience and to help her work towards her career goals. One of the provisions Simran accessed was the YES Media Project; a place for participants to develop their creative skills through video production and editing. This was a great opportunity for Simran to work as part of a team and gain more confidence.

Simran also worked with The Prince’s Trust, who helped her to develop her skills around leadership, teamwork and confidence. She was also able to take part in work experience too, which gave her the opportunity to put her new skills and confidence in to practice. Working with The Prince’s Trust helped Simran to make new friends and develop interpersonal skills as well.

Another partner Simran accessed support from was Leicestershire Cares. Here, Simran was supported with applying to apprenticeships and looking at other options she could pursue. It helped her to see the various other routes she could go down if she chose to do so. Leicestershire Cares also helped Simran apply to university, where she is currently in her placement year and aspiring to become an accountant.

Simran accessed other partners and services that were available to her during her time on the YES Project, and with their support, Simran was able to gain further work experience, meet new friends and work on skills that would make her more employable in the future.

“Without joining the YES Project, I might not have gone to university and be in the position that I am in now; about to start a work placement! I’d probably still be shy and lack confidence. The YES Project really helped me to develop new skills.”

When asked what she’d say to other young adults considering joining the project, Simran said:

“Join and just get involved in as much as you can, get involved with the projects to help you improve your skills, apply for what you want to do in the future, keep your options open. You’ll make new friends, learn and develop yourself too.”


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