The first YES Media course hailed a success

In December, a group of ten unemployed young people, aged 15-24 completed the YES Media course.

The 9-week course, hosted by Seed Creativity focused on modern media as well as employability skills.

The young people attended the course twice a week at Seed Creative Academy in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter.

Chris Gray, Operations and Training Director at Seed led each session using digital media as a teaching aide to help the young people learn new skills, discover their talents and assist with their personal development.

Chris’ background as a mentor and careers advisor, combined with his media experience kept the group consistently engaged. During their time on the course, they were challenged to take part in team building activities, creating a film and, most notably, producing a video CV.

Chris wanted young people to think about how they sell themselves to employers, with this course being just the start of their journey. He commented:

“In previous courses we’ve only ever taught short films, as the YES Media course is 9 weeks it has given us an opportunity to experiment with video CVs and engage the learners over a longer period of time”

Many of the young people described the course as a warm and colourful environment exuding friendship.

Andrew Plant commented on how the course has helped him:

“Making friends on the course has helped my confidence and just yesterday was a big step in the right direction because I had four interviews.”

Tejas Johal encouraged any young people thinking about joining:

“Do it! Because it’s not only a great opportunity to learn, but it’s also a great social environment. I believe more now in what I can achieve and in my leadership skills. And I’m confident in them.”

Participants have finished the YES Media Course with improved communication, teamwork and leadership skills as well as learning new methods of technology and communication to get employers attention.

This news item was written by the students on YES Media Course Oct-Dec 2016


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