World of work tour at BMW Sytner

On Thursday 24 November, we took a group of young people on a company tour of BMW Sytner to gain an insight into how a business operates.

The group of unemployed 15-24 years olds had an insightful morning finding out about the jobs involved in running each department at the car dealership.

John Fryer, Head of Business at Sytner, spoke about the key characteristics of a good employee and how attributes such as timekeeping and enthusiasm are just as important as qualifications.

Heather, aged 17, commented:

“I wanted to be a lifeguard, but the tour has made me realise I’d like to be a receptionist. I’m interested in people and I’d enjoy talking to customers.”

Tom, aged 17, started the day unsure on what job he would like to do, but after the tour he said:

“I’ve really liked seeing the cars and I’d definitely be interested in working in the car bodyshop, spray painting the cars.”

The tour was organised by YES Project partners Flying Fish, a local charity that supports young people in care or leaving care to take the next steps in life by introducing them to work.

Peter Boyne, Care Leavers Manager at Flying Fish, commented on the importance of company tours for the young people he supports:

“The tours are a great way for a young person to see the various positions within an organisation and it inspires them to aim for roles that they may not even know existed. It also gives them an idea of the expectations from employers and the different ways to get a job that interests them.”

About the world of work

Leicestershire Cares organise a range of world of work activities, which includes company tours, day job trials and mentored work placements.

These activities will give you a taste for type of job you would like to do in the future.

Upcoming World of Work tours will be advertised on the events calendar.

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